Hudson River Music Hall | 2nd Floor | 10 maple street | Hudson Falls | NY | 12839




  •  Dancers should bring a dance bag to classes packed with necessary items (ie warm-up clothing & dance shoes, stretch bands, dance journals, and other items necessary for class)

  • Dance bags are to be kept in library 

  • Pack plenty of water, only clear natural water is allowed in dance studio space

  • No chewing gum or candy

  • Food & liquids (other than natural water) are not welcome in the dance studio at any time. All food consumption is to happen before and after classes or during scheduled breaks in the library seating area or waiting room

  • Parents are not to observe dance classes unless an observation is scheduled prior

  • We are a nut-free dance company, please pack appropriately and remind your children to wash hands before, during and after class as appropriate

  • Student Dance Teachers or Classroom Monitors are present for younger dance classes

  • Children are required to be potty trained 



& pick-up

  • Parking: Corresponding parking lot

  • Authorized drop-off/pick-up is required information with registration

  • Dancers are required to be brought in and out of building by parent/guardian unless otherwise verified with instructor.

  • Parents/guardians are welcome to wait in our waiting room down stairs. If the waiting room is being used for music lessons, it is preferred that parents wait in hallway or outside. If this poses an inconvenience, parents may sit in library upstairs. We kindly ask that parents face away from the studio. Proper set-up will be managed in time

  • Parents/guardians arriving early for pick-up should wait in waiting room or hallway until class is dismissed.

  • Dancers are expected to be dropped-off & picked-up within 10 minutes of of scheduled class time & dismissal.

  • If you are late for pick-up please notify instructor immediately, preferably via text message.

  • If you are planning an early-dismissal or late-arrival, please let instructor know prior or at drop-off.


  • Dancers are expected to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled class time

  • Pre-ballet/Creative Movement Arrival** dancers are to wait in lobby until start scheduled class time, children should not be brought into studio until scheduled class time

  • Dancers should arrive dressed and ready for class

  • If a class is in session, dancers should enter studio when they hear that there is no music playing

  • Dancers are expected to enter the dance studio quietly and without disruptions, wether or not there is class in session

  • While waiting for class to begin, dancers are expected to change into appropriate footwear and to continue to prepare with quiet stretching and personal warm-up exercises


class placement

  • Dance class placement is determined by instructor

  • As dancers grow, muscle develops at different rates. It is important for dancers to train at appropriate levels relative to their personal musculature structure

  • Ballet Levels I-IV are placed based on ability and age range


  • Dancers are expected to attend the classes they sign-up for. 

  • We ask that absences are limited, especially near performances.


make-up lessons

  • ​Make-up Lessons are encouraged for all students and available during the scheduled dance class times

  • Make-up lessons must be approved by dance instructor in advance

  • The dance studio schedule for the semester contains the classes dancers may choose from to make-up missed lessons. Make-up's are not valid for private lessons, workshops, master dance classes or camps

  • Make-up classes does not have to be the same dance style as the class missed


  • Ballet dancers in Levels I-II have the option to make-up a dance class by observing a Level III/IV ballet class. Students can choose to observe a full or partial ballet class.

  • Level II dancers are invited to observe one pointe/pre-pointe class for free each semester. The observation should be scheduled early-mid semester
    & at the convenience of their schedule

  • All observations should be scheduled and approved 

  • Parents are not welcome to observe dance classes unless an observation is scheduled for all parents

  • Dancers with non-contagious illnesses or with disabling injuries are encouraged to observe their scheduled classes. As stated in our tuition policies, refunds are not valid and absences are not transferrable



weather policy

  • Due to weather conditions, classes will be cancelled accordingly and at the discretion of the dance class instructor

  • Families will be notified of any cancellations as early as possible

  • Make-up classes are to be arranged during the semester & within the studio schedule

  • Instructors are not required to arrange make-up's for inclement weather

  • Dancers should check the studio schedule and choose an appropriate dance class & time to make-up. Class instructor should be notified and must approve entry

  • Studio schedules are available at the dance studio or here on our webpage. Schedule is subject to change and will be updated as these changes occur.

tuition policies

  • Hourly rates are per individual student

  • All tuition rates are for scheduled classes for the current semester only 

  • Unlimited Classes: applies only to our current scheduled semester classes, per one semester (ie does not apply to Master Dance Classes / Private Lessons / Workshops / Camps etc..)

  • Payment Options: Full Tuition or Installments

  • Full Tuition is due with applicable registration fee(s)


refund policy

  • All payments are non-refundable

  • All payments are not transferrable

  • Tuition rates and all prices are not adjustable

  • Trial Dance Classes are available at trial class rate

  • Cancellations are to be made prior to the first scheduled of the semester

  • We understand time needed for family vacations and other extra-curricular activities, however we have many options available for students to make-up missed time. 

  • Under no circumstances are refunds given. We encourage dancers to make-up missed classes and to observe when ever possible. It is not the responsibility of the instructors to make-up for missed class times. Students will find observations to be just as helpful as a dance class itself and are encouraged to bring notebook or dance journal to take notes. Our professional dance instructors are trained to work with and around injuries and understand how to modify movement accordingly. For example, if a dancer is well enough, they may want to focus on head and arm movements while they heal.



  • Installment plans are a multi-payment plan agreed upon between Adirondack Dance Artistry and the legal parent/guardian of registered dancer(s)

  • Installment agreements are to be made prior to first scheduled dance class

  • The first installment is due before first scheduled dance class

  • The first installment is due with a 7% down-payment (of your total tuition due)             + registration/performance fees

  • The 7% down-payment does not apply to fees

  • The down payment is not an additional charge: it is deducted from the final installment due

  • Performance and Registration Fees are due in full with first, initial installment

  • Installment dates and # of installments are negotiable prior to installment agreement

  • Once an agreement is contracted, payments and terms become non-negotiable

  • Prices are not adjusted or transferrable for any reason

  • Installment plans are designed to make paying tuition easier, therefore when the agreement is contracted, tuition must be paid in full and on time under all circumstances based on the terms of the agreement. Late payments follow our late fee policy. Failure to pay full tuition may result in collections. 


family discount

  • Family Discount = 5% of combined tuition

  • Fees of any kind are not discounted

  • Discounts do not apply to single classes (ie drop-ins, workshops or private lessons)

  • “Sibling” is defined as immediate family members only

  • A sibling is not considered another hour of classes per week: Hourly prices are discounted PER individual dancer


  • "Bring a Friend Free" coupons are valid for ONE dance class (per coupon). These coupons are not applicable toward tuition, family members or as a discount of any kind

  • "Bring a Friend Free" coupons are best used for drop-in dance classes or during 'trial weeks'

  • Coupons are not valid for Master Classes, Workshops, Camps, Private Lessons, Performances or any other classes outside of our routine scheduled classes

  • Gifts certificates are available



  • Annual Registration Fee: $15.00 for new students

  • Registration Renewal fee: $10.00 (must be consecutive years dancing at ADKDA)

  • Returned check fee: $35.00

  • Performance Fee: $15/single student family, $25/two student family, $35/three or more dancer family

  • Performance fee is charged per semester

  • Performance fee covers costumes and alterations. We try to make use of genuine, hand-made costume collections. Some classes require new costumes that are included in your registration fee.

  • NOT included in the performance fee: Performance Leotards, Performance Tights, Hair necessities, shoes etc....

  • All fees associated with registration and performance are due at the time of registration (or with first installment). These fees are non-refundable & are not discounted.

late payment fees
  • $20 late fee is charged at the start of each day that the payment is late

  • Non-refundable

  • Non-negotiable

  • Not discountable