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fall semester september 16- december 20


dance artistry

pre-ballet &

creative movement

An activity-oriented and interactive dance class for children to explore the correlation between music & movement.
Basic ballet, funk, hip-hop & tap dance styles are introduced.

Dance instructors use engaging techniques involving pantomime, props, song & dance, story telling, games, obstacle courses and more.

Each new day at the dance studio is routinely built upon the last. Basic ballet positions are introduced and practiced in exciting, new ways.

As children progress, they begin to remember & perform simple 1-2 movement combinations. 

ages 3-5



Classical Ballet technique is instructed through the Vaganova and Balanchine methods. Ballet class begins with classical combinations and stretching at the barre. Moves center with practice in adagio, turns and combinations and travels into petite and grand allegro. As dancers build stamina and strength they may progress to higher levels.

level I, ages 6-8

level II ballet, ages 8-12

level III & IV ballet, ages 13-18

ages 6-18

levels I - IV


Ballet dancers take a classical pre-performance style warm-up class followed by choreography from renown standard works.  
Dancers begin with the choreographed movements and advance to learning how to perform these movements and variations.
Repertoire is an educational and fun experience for levels III & IV dancers.
Pointe shoes are optional and recommended for higher level pointe dancers.
When combined with a classical ballet class, the final 15-20 minutes of class is dedicated to Repertoire. Generally switching pieces after 3 classes.

ages 13-18


A classical ballet class where students will prepare for & train in their first year en pointe. Dance instruction focuses on foot, ankle, & core strength, body alignment, balance and precisely quickening and controlling the dancers footwork at the barre and in center.


~ ages 10-18

Dancers are guided through a classical ballet class en pointe to build endurance, strength and comfortability. Pointe classes are available upon request.

Dancers training for pointe are taking a minimum of 2 technique classes per week & are required to pass a placement exam before pointe training may begin.

Modern Dance

A free-form and expressive movement arts class. Dancers engage in technical warm-ups, partnering and group activities, muscle strengthening exercises, challenging coordination and improvisation exercises, flexibility training & more.

ages 8+

levels I-adult


Hip-hop dance & Contemporary dance styles are seamlessly combined creating this fun and energizing mixed level dance class. Dancers are challenged at all levels in coordination, stamina and expression.

ages 8-18

musical theater dance

Musical Theater dancing is a combination of the many styles of dance including jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, modern and more. Each semester dancers focus on a genre and learn dance combinations from a variety of related Broadway Musicals. 
The techniques and movements involved with strength in performance quality and dance auditions are integrated into group and individual activities.
Professional guest instructors are welcomed throughout the semesters.

ages 8-18



dance artistry


dance styles


costume creation



Audition Training

Performance Techniques




dance artistry

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